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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Minimalistic Travellers (Or For Yourself)

Just like that, Christmas is peeking around the corner again!

Are you scratching your head for stocking stuffers or Christmas gift ideas? Here we share 10 essentials for your travel addicted friend or family member.

1. Portable splash-proof solar charger

Imagine exploring your dream scenic destination, and you're happily taking some snaps to share with your family and friends, then all of a sudden, your phone tells you it's at 5% because you've taken your local sim out, and it has spent its time in your pocket trying to scan for WiFi - it happens.

A portable charger is the perfect solution. What's better than a portable charger? A splash-proof solar charger - one of the best investments ever made. Hook the charger onto your backpack or place it on your dash to keep it recharged until your next destination. Although most may also need to be plugged into the wall for a full recharge, it most definitely keep your devices juiced up throughout the day! This is a very similar one I have and it also comes complete with a light which is super handy!

2. Osprey packable backpack

You've got the HUGE backpack you boarded the plane with, but you've arrived at your destination and you just need a lightweight backpack to get around without looking too much like a tourist - check out the Osprey Europe - Ultralight Stuff Pack a foldable backpack which is folded up into a mini pouch until you need it. Perfect for travels or even every day commute to the gym after work!

3. Packing cubes

I want bulky luggage - says no one ever! Packing cubes help you sort and compress your clothes so you have more free space for your luggage, or just have less luggage in general. Definitely a must have.

4. Technology pouch

Phone charger, laptop charger, camera charger, travel adapters, SD cards - all I'm hearing is a lot of tech. Save yourself a headache, get organised and get yourself a Side-by-side Power Packer Tech Pouch. A functional pouch protecting all your cables whilst your travelling.

5. Sand free, quick dry towels

Shaking sand off your beach towel ain't fun, neither is getting sand all over your clean washing. Dock & Bay have the perfect solution - sand free and quick dry towels in an array of colours for your liking. You'll also find many of them are made from 100% recycled materials, giving you another reason to love it!

6. Fingerprint travel locks

Have you panicked at least once not knowing where the keys to your luggage is - it's ok, we've all been there. MyPin now have locks which you can customise and unlock with your fingerprint - no more searching around for the lock keys. They are also TSA approved so you know they'll come back to you intact each time at the luggage carousel.

7. Reusable water bottles

Save your money at the airport, refill your water bottle after security and empty it again before you board the plane! it's really a worthwhile investment if you haven't already got one. These double layered bottles also keep your drinks cold in summer and warm in winter!

8. Toiletries bag

There's a toiletries bag, then there's one that is so extra you can hang it anywhere (well almost). No more wet toiletries bag because the person you travel with brushes their teeth, and the entire basin area turns into a pothole during monsoon. You're welcome.

9. Noise cancelling headphones

Crying babies, carrot crunching - you don't need to hear any of that when you're just wanting to get to your destination. Invest in some noise cancelling headphones. Here is one that is recommended with a touchpad control - the Sennheiser PXC 550 II!

10. GoPro HERO9 Black

Capture stunning memories on land or in water - GoPro has you sorted. The stabilisation on these are absolutely outstanding!

If you're playing Santa Claus this Christmas, hopefully you've been able to get some inspiration from the above! As a traveller, I have each of the items almost every time I travel. It is easily the bare essentials for efficient and minimalistic travel.

Some of the links contained in this post reference Amazon items which you can go and check out for yourself as a starting point. As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases as it helps us continue sharing these articles and ideas with you!

Happy travels and keep wandering.



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