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24 Hours in Brisbane (Southern Area)

So you're looking for something to experience in the Southern region of Brisbane? Well, we have you covered!

You're going to need a car for this one. You can catch a bus with a few Ubers but it's much easier if you have a car at hand... or a friend with a car!


On a Sunday morning, head to the Mount Gravatt Markets. They're opening back up on 2 October 2021, post the COVID-19 pandemic! There is a range of food trucks, gifts, household items and fresh produce available! Entry is $2. They're also open Saturday from 4pm-9pm with food trucks!

(This is a photo from the Southbank Collectives Market as the Mount Gravatt Markets are yet to return.. but expect lots of food trucks based on what we've seen from the past!)


Treat yourself to some AMAZING Japanese style cheesecake from Mountain River Patisserie. They do Taro, Matcha and Sesame flavoured cakes. Our favourite is the taro cheesecake and the half baked cheesecake!

Drive up to the Mount Gravatt Lookout. Here, you have stunning views of the city. If you wish to, you can do a hike up to the lookout too.


Enjoy some oriental cuisine in Sunnybank. There are an abundance of choices. Here are some of our favourites restaurants and what you should try at each one:

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea with Pearls
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea with Pearls
  • Vietnamese Beef Noodles at Pho Hien Vuong, Sunnybank Market Square - Their beef and beef balls (mushed beef rolled into a ball) is divine! Their Vermicelli salads are also a must try!

  • Hot Star Fried Chicken, Sunnybank Market Square. Here, you must try the oversized fried chicken fillets!

  • Cube Hotpot, Sunnybank Plaza - This is an experience!! - You order your food on a tick sheet, hand it to the waiter and they bring your food (uncooked) to your table along with a pot of hot soup (mushroom or spicy is nice). You then put the food in the hotpot and dip it in your favourite sauce. It's a real traditional meal for friends and family to kick back and enjoy each other's company while eating slowly.

  • Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup at Kingsfood Sunnybank Market Square.

  • Woka Woka Vegetarian, Sunnybank Market Square. Vegetarian friends - there are plenty of choices of meat free dishes available here! We love the Mapo Tofu!

  • Heeretea, Sunnybank Plaza - Get yourself some original milk tea with pearls post dinner!

Grab a few friends and try Karaoke. Historically most karaoke bars only had foreign songs but most have now adopted a larger range of English songs for everyone to enjoy! We personally haven't been to Cloud 8 at Westfield Garden City but have heard some good feedback!

If Karaoke isn't your thing, Timezone is just next door at Westfield Garden City.. who doesn't like to be a kid sometimes!

We hope you enjoy this and have a fantastic 24 hours in Brisbane!

Happy travels and keep wandering.



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