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Finding Your Piece of Italy in Brisbane (Bakery)

Did you know you can get authentic, artisan Italian breads, sweets, Sicilian pizzas, cannoli and much more from one of the most unique Italian Pasticceria in Brisbane? Yes - you heard us right!

Today, we share with you one of the longest running Italian bakeries in Brisbane - Gerbino's in Ashgrove, on the North side of Brisbane.

Poggios from Gerbino's Italian Pasticceria Ashgrove Brisbane - Foodie
Lemonelo from Gerbino's Italian Pasticceria - Freshly made & delicious!

Gerbino's is a family business that has been around since 2003. Their goods are made fresh and they produce some of Brisbane's most decadent baked goods, and not to mention - their savoury foods!


As you walk into the Gerbino's store, they have a range of cakes on display. You also have the option to pre-order cakes which are made fresh for your special occasion!

Some of these unique cake choices include:

  • Semifredo Tiramisu

  • Lemon Yoghurt Cake

  • Mille Foglie Italian Cake

  • Orange Almond Cake

  • Cassata Sicilian

  • Cannoli Cake (a beautiful idea for Valentines Day!)


Gerbino's describes their Poggios as traditional Italian biscotti aka "a really yummy Italian biscuit". They have 12 unique flavours, all of which are hand made! These are absolutely perfect with a fresh cup of coffee at the bakery.

Here are some of our favourites Poggios:

Assorted shortbreads and biscotti at Gerbino's Brisbane Italian Bakery
'Chocolate shortbread', Amernelo, Lemonelo, Almonelo

Savoury Food

In terms of their savoury goods, Gerbino's make a range of Arancinos (Arancini), Quiches, Lasagna, Pizza, Spanakopita bites and much more. These are the perfect addition to your next dinner party!

We saw an abundance of these foods available for purpose behind the counter when we visited during the weekend. So you can just rock up and make your purchase!

Other Baked Goods

Gerbino's also make a range of breads, danishes and croissants. Make sure you check these out when you visit this unique Italian delight! Although we didn't get to try these this time around, they looked very inviting!

We hope you enjoy this local gem.

Make sure you tag us on socials when you visit!

Let's keep wandering and see you in the next one!



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