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Is this Brisbane's New Chinatown?

Fortitude Valley Chinatown used to be the 'go to' destination for the best Chinese food in Brisbane since it opened in 1987.

Question is: Is the Fortitude Valley still the best place to go for a succulent Chinese meal? Or is Sunnybank now the new Chinatown?

Today we explore the most authentic South East Asian flavours in the Sunnybank precinct for your next night out (and our recommended dishes!)

Chinatown wix stock image
Traditional Lanterns in a Chinatown

The Cube Hotpot

Traditionally, hotpot was a popular winter cuisine for family get-togethers. These days, people enjoy it all year around! When you take a seat at The Cube Hotpot, you order your soup base, then you're given different coloured sheets to order your meat, vegetables, non-alcoholic drinks and more - all buffet style.

The staff then bring the raw food for you to cook in the hotpot at the table as you mingle with your family and friends - it's a social way of eating.

Once your food is cooked, take it out of the hotpot, and dip it in the sauce you've created (from the sauce station) and voilà - healthy and delicious! They also have a range of cold dishes and BBQ grilled food for you to enjoy!


$34.80/adult (cash)

$37.80/adult (EFTPOS)

Hotpot asian food dinner gathering with family and friends
What hotpot looks like - lots of delicious food!

Apandim Uyghur Cuisine

Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnic group native to the Xinjiang region in Northwest China. The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority and most of their dishes feature lamb as the key meat of choice. Here are the most flavoursome dishes we recommend trying:

  • Spiced lamb skewers

  • Steamed chicken with chilli sauce

  • Spicy chicken with noodle

  • Stir fry cabbage with rice (v) - note there are limited vegetarian dishes available

Burlington BBQ

Chinese BBQ pork (char siu), roast pork, roast duck, marinated meats.. these are all local Canton delights. Hong Kong workers would often order a takeaway (called rice box) with a combination of the above, on a bed of rice, with a special soy sauce drizzled over the top.

Burlington BBQ serves as a takeaway only but is absolutely perfect for an in-home meal! We recommend you trying all of the above mentioned meats! When you go in, just order by the gram/kilogram or check out what you want from the window, go inside the shop and tell them how much you want e.g. 1x char siu (BBQ pork). They're generally pretty flexible.

Glamorous Wok

Glamorous Wok is one of the favourites to dine and share with a group of friends or with family. Their food are Taiwanese inspired and here are the top dishes we recommend when you visit:

  • Kung pao chicken

  • Taiwanese style pork strips & dry squid

  • Mapo (chilli) tofu (v)


Kingsfood has been around for the last 30 years and is famous for their Taiwanese cuisine. They do traditional plates to shares or you can order individual rice and noodle dishes as you please. Here are our top recommendations for you to try:

  • Stewed mix plate (entree, cold dish)

  • Taiwanese beef noodle soup

  • Pork chop and side vegetables with pork mince rice

  • Vegetarian fried noodles (v)

The unique flavours offered by these restaurants are absolutely outstanding! Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you visit some of these local delights.

Let's keep wandering and see you in the next one!



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