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Top 5: Best Desserts in Brisbane - Worth Every Effort of Your Gym Workout

Do you check the dessert menu before ordering your main? Do you want quality dessert that is worth the calories you've burnt at the gym? Or do you just have a sweet tooth? If you felt a little awakening inside in the last 3 seconds, then this is for you!

'Dessert' originated from the French word 'desservir', meaning 'clear the table'. Back in the 17th century it was common etiquette for the tablecloths to be changed prior to the last course we now know as dessert (they used to call it le fruit as it mostly consisted of fruit-based creations).

These days, we have the luxury of specialty locations just for desserts, and some of them are really a main course in itself! Here, we explore the top 5 desserts in Brisbane - this multicultural city really has it all.

Japanese style dessert - Matcha parfait with mochi and azuki
Japanese style dessert - Matcha parfait

1. Sizzling Chocolate & Almond Brownie | Southside Bistro

Ok you've heard of sizzling Mongolian Beef (or maybe not), but have you heard of a sizzling chocolate brownie? Imagine a perfectly baked chocolate brownie oozing with flavour, topped with hot fudge sauce, butterscotch ice cream, and finished with a sprinkle of caramel popcorn - all on a sizzling plate which gives a slight crisp to the dessert (extra brownie points).

These guys also do a range of Asian x Western fusion desserts including deep fried milk tea bao and chocolate & sesame chapssal donuts.

Next level dessert - Chocolate & Almond Sizzling Brownie at Southside Bistro
Next level dessert - Chocolate & Almond Sizzling Brownie

2. Matcha Parfait | Sonders

Mochi, matcha ice cream, rice dumplings, azuki, wafers and more.. this dessert is a party in your mouth. Sonders desserts are crafted with a Japanese vibe and their menu items really show it! They also create matcha floats, anmitsu (agar jelly), purin cheesecake, creme brulee and specialty ice cream!

3. Ice Cream Nachos | The Donut Bar (Eat Street)

There's nachos, then there are ICE CREAM nachos. These pastry triangles coated with cinnamon sugar is perfectly matched with a trio of chocolate, caramel and Nutella ice cream. The Donut Bar also specialise in donut fries and ice cream in a can - yes, you read it right. Go check them out.

3. Purple Sweet Potato & Taro Cheesecake | Mountain River Patisserie

Creamy and soft layers of purple and beige - the perfect combination of purple sweet potato & taro, and the original cheesecake. The flavours combined creates a mouth watering experience. The owners at Mountain River Patisserie uses the freshest and authentic ingredients to create the most divine cheesecakes. The also have a range of lava tarts, honey sponge cake and canele to satisfy your cravings.

5. Tiramisu Gelato | Messina

Happiness in gelato form is essentially what Messina creates. Their tiramisu flavoured gelato is our favourite which has been carefully crafted with the perfect hint of coffee. The texture? Amazingly soft and creamy. Messina also makes a range of other unique flavours onsite such as Italian nougat, Nicky Glasses (coffee & caramel), pistachio, salted caramel & mango salsa, super dulce de leche, and much more!

We hope this guides you to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

Let's keep wandering and see you in the next one.



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